Trends to look out for in Spring/Summer 2022

Its time to upgrade the wardrobe!

Finally, with the arrival of spring/summer, it is time to update the wardrobe. The weather may feel cold at this time, but India will be hot in the coming months. When summer arrives, it’s time to put away our hoodies, sweaters, and leathers. Skirts, pants, and shirts are your saviors. Each season, the designs and trends, as well as the dominant colors, change.

Cotton, eyelet, tropical wool, and linen are the most commonly used fabrics in spring and summer for spring dresses as well as shorts or beach wear. These types of fabric soak sweat and allow air to flow through the clothes for a fresher feeling on hot days.

Are you wondering what kind of clothes to wear this spring/summer? What is the current trend to follow? We’ve compiled a list of spring and summer trends for you.

Oversized Pant suit

 A classic suit in a neutral colour will never go out of style. Wear it with a tank underneath and simple jewellery, such as a chain necklace or mix and match with the similar colour blazer and trouser.

Neon Colors And Gender Neutral Cuts

This spring and summer, expect to see a lot of neon colours. This Summer, neon yellow is expected to be one of the hottest colours. Oversized t-shirts and button-ups are also part of the 2022 trend toward more gender neutral cuts. Expect to see more gender fluidity in both men’s and women’s fashion.

Mini Minis

The look in shorts for spring is less casual denim cutoffs and more polished and tailored shorts outfits. Skirts may be midi for next season, but everyone else is shortening their skirt length to vanishingly small proportions.

Black and white

The current strategy to black and white, done up in stripes and polka dots, is graphic, yes, but it’s also playful, bold, and, in a word, eye-catching. Draped stripes are a trend for those who are comfortable with fringing and stripes.


The bare midriff that is as globular as possible with mini crop tops and bralets paired with low waist trousers is going to be fashion in 2022.


Sheer outfits have gained popularity in the fashion world in recent years. Many celebrities have been seen wearing daring see-through outfits. Whereas some of them have won hearts with their stunning fashion sense.

The Big Bags

It’s time to say goodbye to micro bags, as the biggest totes are set to take over the handbag world this season. Good news for those of us who have been struggling to fit all of our ‘essentials’ into our teeny tiny bags in recent years.

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