TRENDING: “I felt uneasy” PC Sreeram Rejects a Film Because of actress Kangana Ranaut!

Cinematographer PC Sreeram on Tuesday revealed he has rejected a film that features actress Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. He took to twitter to let his followers know that he has rejected a film just because it had Kangana in the lead and that made him feel “uneasy”

P. C. Sreeram is a legendary and one among the best Indian cinematographer and film director who has worked many  Indian films like OK Kanmani, Alaipayuthey, Shamithab, Nayagan, etc.

“Had to reject a film as it had Kangana Ranaut as the lead. Deep down I felt uneasy and explained my stand to the makers and they were understanding. Some times its only abt what feels right. Wishing them all the best,” Sreeram tweeted


This got mixed responses in social media. While few felt this was ‘unprofessional’ other believed that it is a personal choice. This descion is said to have been in the light of all the negative publicity kangana has been getting over the last few months. Kangana Ranuat has  been strongly protesting and accusing nepotism in the film industry, Bollywood mafia and how it has caused a life of the late actor Sushant Sign Rajput.

Kangana was quick to respond to his tweet. “I missed the opportunity to work with a legend like you sir, it’s entirely my loss, I don’t know what exactly made you uneasy about me but I am glad you took the right call, wish you all the best,” she replied.

Kangana Ranaut battle with Nepotism and Karan Johar is still going strong, as she continues to seek revenge and justice for the death of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.  Kangana has been given Y-plus category security and will be protected by about 10 armed commandos, the Union Home Ministry announced on Monday, propelling the actor to the center of a heated political row with Maharashtra’s ruling Shiv Sena and its coalition partners criticising the BJP-led Centre for the decision.


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