Trending Bridal Beauty Tips for 2019!!

Bridal beauty 101

When it comes to bridal makeup, most experts believe that the more you stick to the natural look, the better. Accentuate that beautiful natural bridal glow with some spectacular tips to ensure you are truly the centre of attention on your big day!

A lot of bridal makeup relies on understanding what works for you and incorporating the latest trends to make you look like a princess on the D-day. Expert beautician Sana Dhanani of White Door luxury spa, Mumbai has roots in Dubai as well as having studied in Switzerland and Italy before showcasing her expertise in India. Sana believes that plenty of de-stress and detox are required a few months before the big day. Sana advices, “About 3 months in advance, brides need to get into a proper skin care regime. Make it a mandatory daily routine. Moisturise a lot! Cleanse, tone and scrub your skin till it develops a healthy glow, repeating when necessary. It is also understood that one does not try out new products around this time. Use only products that your skin is familiar with.”

When it comes to fitness as well, do not try unfamiliar crash diets that can tamper with the health of your skin. Closer to the date is when brides may get frazzled and skincare takes a backseat. Sana shares, “About a week before the ceremony, traditions and other family customs bound to take a toll on brides leading to tired skin, blackheads, and dark circles. It is utterly important that one gets their beauty sleep every night and also keep their skincare regime going. One should also cut down on refined sugar, oily foods and other carb-heavy items that might harm the skin’s health.”

On the day of action is when brides will have to follow the golden rules.

  1. Have your makeup essentials ready which includes a cleanser, toner and a lip balm; SPF too depending on the weather.
  2. Stay hydrated; do not forget your intake fluids.
  3. Nail paint to take care of chipped points.

Sana adds, “Dip your face in a bowl of ice water to get that peachy pink skin or rub a cube of ice on your face to keep it fresh just before you get your makeup on.”

2018 saw a lot of celebrity brides and opened up many avenues with regards to big fat Indian wedding makeup and more. Although the colour palette has increased, with the inclusion of a lot of tones, reds and red shades are still at the forefront in Indian weddings. Sana says, “A lot of makeup is being based on lilac, beige, marble and nude shades. There is also an awareness of skin tones and some brides are now opting for dusky tones or a sort of tanned look.”  One can try a foundation near your skin tone instead of one shade lighter and couple that with a bronze highlighter to give that Indian goddess sort of look. Sana adds, “There are a lot of people incorporating gold to their bridal makeup. So are the bejewelled techniques where they use gemstones as part of makeup or do 24k facials before the big day.”

Talking about facials and procedures one can get done for the D-day, Sana says there is a lot more to choose from especially given the trends of last year. “With the influx of face masks, oxygen chambers, skin care supplements and more, the most popular of these are charcoal masks, gold manicures and pedicures, anti-cellulite treatments and more. There is also now a better understanding of contouring and how it works so people highlight their facial zones correctly and it helps by hiding the weaker spots of the face and showcasing the best.” Given that our country’s predominant tropical nature gives us a lot more chances to tan, Sana feels that it is best for brides to get their skin lightening, detan procedures done about a month before the big day.

An enthusiast of proper nail care, Sana says the biggest focus was on celebrity bride nails in 2018. “We saw a lot of new colours introduced as well as the embracing of nudes and pastels. Since a lot of our customs and procedures involve us having to use our hands, brides should have healthy nails just like they should have healthy skin. Occasional manicures and a nice nude shade sans glitter can go a long way in photographs as well,” adds Sana before signing off.


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