TREND: 9 Fashion Favorites of 2020 That Will See You through 2021 As Well!

Like every other fashion enthusiast, we have been diligently archiving 2020 trends for you to peruse through. Some have been experimental, while others are totally suave. They range from comfort-friendly to sophisticated, and often, a little bit of both. Moreover, they are all open to interpretation and how you sport them.

A sartorial ride through this rollercoaster of a year. By Feba George

In spite of a pandemic throwing a curveball on the basic functioning of fashion industry – OOTDs, stay at home fashion, virtual runways and buzzworthy Instagram trends have been mechanising in full force. Here’s a glimpse of radical new ways of indoor self-expression, curated for the readers to skim through:


Elevated Basics

The excessive staying-at-home has blurred the lines between daywear and nightwear. After the success of pyjama dressing, we are addressing the newest inevitable trend on the block – indoors-outdoor fashion, but with zero compromise to comfort. Think: silk co-ords, lounge robes, kaftans, athleisure and loose sweatshirts, slouchy fits elevated with layering.



Upscaled Loungewear


Acing Athleisure




Tie-dye Updated

Tie-dyes are an absolute trend staple. Keeping the comfort quotient in mind, this print form returns with a versatile upgrade. As designers continue to back the relevance of beautifying #abovethekeyboard dressing, a statement technique like this will appeal to consumers looking to stand out on screen. Take note and elevate your tie-dye game on!


Perennial Paisley

Retro palettes with dense printed pieces are a failsafe approach to staying trendy behind the screens. This technique is a beautiful amalgamation of outdoor and modern. Designers such as Dior, Fendi and Nicole Miller all utilised this print within their collections. Paisley prints are here to stay.



Psychedelic Pop

Psychedelic prints have been trending all over. Designer brands such as MSGM and Louis Vuitton are tapping into bold, bright and brash by experimenting with this technique’s placement to create collaged effects for maximum appeal.




This particular style is a casual twist to the OG corset trend wave that began last year. Stay home style isn’t all slacks and cosy knits; delicate lingerie layering and bralette-as-tops hones as the ideal add-on to jazz up any outfit. For the more conservative consumer, layering up intimates-inspired or even swim bralettes over shirts or dresses offers an easy and accessible entry point into this trend.


Slouchy Fit

The perfect antidote to ace #stayhome style – Yes! Slouchy is back, and it comes in many shapes and sizes. Explore oversized silhouettes to maximise comfort along with feeling right-at-home. They’re an ideal look when you’re doing low-key stuff like hanging at home, taking a stroll, or going to the grocery store. Pro tip: if a jean isn’t designed to look super baggy, simply size up for a slouchy look.



Midriff Floss

Exposing the midriff conjures up a strong sense of #90s nostalgia, they have the potential to make even the simplest basic outfit, feel fresh but chic. Playing with monotone colours and layering allows for a more accessible take on this risqué trend – artfully reimagined to swap with cut-out and strappy details in an outfit.


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