Top Fashion Trends for 2019

Get on the fashion wagon!

It’s a new year, a new beginning and time for new, hot and happening trends. Like every year, this one brings with it a promise to be better. Last year was all about pantsuits, dropped shoulders, etc, this year the trends are more colourful, vibrant and out there. 2019 is all about being flashy and bold. By Varsha Abhay

Listing down this year’s top 7 trends that are sure to make their presence felt, this article will also help you style
and make each trend your own. While on one hand is a Red Pink combination going wild, on the other is Khaki
making a comeback, look for what suits your style best and work your style magic.

Go Bold With Colour

Indians have always loved bright beautiful colours and this season is all about flaunting that love. Pick a colour of your choice and wear it unapologetically. The brighter, louder, the better. Priyanka Chopra made a stunning statement by wearing a lemon yellow pantsuit for a recent talk show that she was invited to. One can choose to pick any colour from the spectrum, be it a bright red or a subtle grey, make the colour the centre of attention in your attire.


The key is to accessories the outfit with minimum but complementary jewellery. And as a rule of thumb, pair a bright outfit with a nude lip or a subtle one with a bright lip.



Multiple Florals

Big, small, light or dark, florals are a seasoned trend that has only evolved with the years. Taking a route less travelled, this year the idea is to wear more than a single type of floral print. Less with more, less with less, more with much more- there is no limiting this style.


Similar to the previous trend, accessorising is crucial. Since there is already a lot going on in your attire, keep the jewellery at bay. Opt for a pair of dainty earrings or a simple bracelet to complete the look.




This one is for all the men and women out there, a common but classic trend. Ditching that pair of jeans for a pair of khaki pants is a great idea. The most obvious colour combination with beige are white and black, but an orange, dark blue or an emerald green can bring that much-needed pop of colour to the ensemble. It’s a great formal wear option that you can pair with a crisp white shirt, plain stripes or checks.



Graphic Stripes

Stripes come in a striking new avatar this season. It’s all about the colour. Big stripes in a bright colour combination are the current trend. It’s sporty and chic, all at the same time. You can wear a striking graphic striped tee and a pair of ice blue denims or you could opt for a striped skirt and pair that with a white tank top, either way the stripes win the day!




The colour is often associated with royalty and power, peace and independence – just what we need to begin this New Year. This soothing shade of light purple provides calm and serenity. The ideal way to wear this shade is without any hindrance of another colour, a darker shade of purple is very complimenting, and so is white. If you are worried about pulling this colour off, opt for accessories or shoes of this colour and still sport this trend with ease.



Square Necks

The last few years have all been about the shoulder – off, cold, dropped et al. Moving towards the neckline, this season the square neck is making a comeback. Square necks accentuate the collar bone, gives a sexy frame to your face. The best possible way to accessorise it is with a necklace that easily falls on your collarbone. Even multiple chains or a necklace with beads look great with this neckline.



Pink and Red

Two lovely warm colours make for a vivid combination this year. There was a time when wearing these two bright hues was considered a fashion faux pas, but this year, this is one of the coolest colour combinations. Pair a bright red skirt with a dark pink cardigan, or a bright pink lip with a red eye shadow, and thus break barriers and experiment with these two colours like never before!

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