TN Tragedy: Teacher Brutally Murdered By Her Husband In Front Of Students!

In a classroom full of students, the teacher was stabbed with a knife by her husband!

35-year-old Rathidevi, a resident in Kariapatti in Virudhunagar district. She recently joined a government-aided school in Thirumangalam (near Madurai) as a teacher. In a horrifying incident, Rathidevi was stabbed to death in a classroom full of children by her husband. This has caused panic among the people of Thirumangalam and the students are literally traumatised.

The accused who has committed this heinous crime has been identified by the Thirumangalam Police as the teacher’s husband Guru Muneeswaran and he has been arrested. An FIR has been filed against him. 37-year-old Guru is a Civil Engineer. He went to meet Rathidevi at her school at around 3:30 PM while she was teaching her 8th grade students. An argument broke out and he allegedly stabbed her in front of her students.

In conversation with The News Minute, the Thirumangalam Police stated, “It seems to have been a family problem. They were married for eight years and have 6-year-old twins but Rathidevi has been living with her mother in her hometown for the past five-and-a-half years. Guru had been asking her to move in with him to his hometown in Ramanathapuram but since she kept refusing, as a last resort he decided to kill her.”

An official from Thirumangalam DEO office has confirmed to TNM that a report has been submitted to the school education department. “A holiday has been declared in the school for Tuesday and counselling sessions for students will be conducted based on further instructions from the department,” he adds.

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