TN: Pregnant Woman Dies Post Child Delivery; Family Blames Hospital!

Investigations are underway!

In a turn of shocking events, 33-year-old Kavitha tragically died after she delivered a healthy baby boy. The mother of two died in the hospital as a result of heavy blood loss. Kavitha, hailing from Chellankuppam village in Kilpennathur Block in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruvannamalai District, visited Balaji Nursing Home, 15 kilometers from her village, with her sister-in-law for blood transfusion as she was severely anemic.

Speaking to TheNewsMinute, Kavitha’s relative Elumalai said, “She was getting her check-ups done at JIPMER Hospital in Pondicherry where she was asked to undergo treatment for being anaemic. Three months ago, her husband Sivakumar met with an accident and was paralysed below the hip. As a result she could not travel far for her treatment and decided to get it done at a hospital nearby.”

He further added that Kavitha visited the hospital at around 10:30 AM in the morning and was provided with all the treatment only at 6 PM. It has also been reported that when Kavitha visited the hospital during her due date, she was informed that an emergency cesarean had to be performed due to her being anemic. However, the hospital further added that it had to be done in JIPMER where she had her previous cesarean done there as well with the same situation too.

Kavitha’s family urged the hospital to perform the surgery on her in this hospital itself. “JIPMER had given her due date as April 18 only, but still they did an emergency caesarean section on her,” says Elumalai, further alleging that the hospital performed a family planning operation on her after the delivery. He added that doctors had allegedly gotten permission from her husband to do so.

The story was different from Balaji Nursing Home. Dr. Gunasekaran said, “Her last delivery, 5 years ago, was done via caesarean section as well and done at JIPMER. Even at that time she’d had a blood transfusion. When she presented to our hospital, she was anemic so we asked her to go to JIPMER following the transfusion. We only performed the surgery at the request of her family. She was fine for about an hour and a half post operatively. At around 11.00 pm she began bleeding profusely and we immediately transferred her to the government hospital as we didn’t have sufficient blood here.”

“They sent her body in an auto, not even an ambulance was used. Her sister-in-law who was with her also found that she had no pulse at that point,” Elumalai claims.

An FIR has been filed against the hospital.


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