TN: Man Arrested For Harassing Women Journalists Online; Here’s What Happened!

The TN Women Journalists Forum held a meeting!

All workplaces are taking strict measures to deter workplace harassment and aid women when in dire need. Similarly, the Tamil Nadu women journalists forum filed a complaint against a one Kishore K Swamy, who claims himself to be a political analyst. The complaint elaborated on how Kishore harassed many of the women journalists online by posting obscenities on them on social media, especially Twitter.

The complaint consisted of three different scenarios where all accuse Kishore of insulting and offending these women journalists apart from instigating people of a certain religion against them. The Commissioner of Police took stringent actions against Kishore and he was ultimately arrested on charges of stalking and Harassment of women.

Speaking to The News Minute, Jaya Bathuri, the Coordinator of the Tamil Nadu Women Journalists Forum said that they had ignored him for long considering that he was doing it for ‘fame’. “But when this (posting abusive posts online about women journalists) became a daily affair, we had to react at some point. When women are already in a field where the entry for women is difficult, such fascists must be dealt with,” she said. She also added that when representatives from the Forum had approached the Commissioner of Police to file a complaint, they were told that there were already quite a few complaints against Kishore from other journalists. “The Commissioner had assured us of action against him,” she confirmed.

In the last one and half years, multiple women journalists have filed complaints against the man for vile tweets that amount to sexual harassment. Other than the Tamil Nadu Women Journalists Forum, individual women journalists and a few male counterparts too had filed complaints. English news channels, however, continued to call Kishore K Swamy as an ‘expert guest’ on their debates, though journalists working with these organisations have themselves complained of harassment, reports The News Minute.


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