TN: Four College Women Expelled For Drinking At A Party; Video Uploaded!

A video of them partying was uploaded without their consent!

A college in Nagapattinam expelled 4 college-going women students for drinking at a party at one of their houses along with their male friends. Although the party took place two months ago, the management decided to take action on their students when a video of them consuming alcohol started doing rounds on social media. The video reached the management on December 24th. One of the girls was celebrated her birthday with her friends in her home in a village 10 kms from Mayiladudhurai.

The video that circulated shows three students in their college uniform while another one is in her casuals. However, the twist in the story is that the video was shot without their consent and released on social media without their consent. Apparently, the girls were not even aware that a video was being shot. When this reached the Police, girls were questioned and some of them even questioned the girls of their morality.

The male friends of these women were not a part of the college and that a family member of one of the girls was the one who shot. But, interrogation is underway on who shot it. A Facebook user posted this video and titled it “The State of Women”.



According to the Times of India, one student is a second-year English literature student, while the others are doing their degree in Business Administration. The circular passed on by the college read that the girls had to be expelled as their behaviour disreputed the college. In an interview with The Times of India, the college principal said that the girls were having this party without the knowledge of their parents.

“Though it did not happen on the campus, anybody can make out that the girls are from our college from their uniform,” added the principal.



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