This is why your next hairstyle should be a Bob!

Bob it up!

Bored of your same ol’, same ol’ hairdo? Craving for something cute and funky? Boy! Is the bob cut the thing for you! Chic or quirky, refined or funky, uber-feminine or radically punk, this timeless style has many avatars.

Summer is making its comeback and temperatures are soaring again. If your long heavy locks are getting you sweltering, consider snipping them off for a lighter, fresher style. The versatile bob is just the flavour of the moment. A style that suits almost every face shape and hair type, the bob can be styled to reflect your personal sensibilities and dressing sense.


Liberty of the Locks

The bob gained popularity during the World War 1 when women were forced to opt for simple hairdos to keep up with the harsh times. The hairstyle went on to become an expression of rebellion, freethinking and independence. In 1915, a ballroom dancer by the name of Irene Castle chopped off her locks for the sake of convenience. It was the first time that a woman of glamour had given up her locks. The style caught on and got nicknamed ‘The Castle Bob’. It was a hair revolution that followed – the trend of short hair.


There were plenty of people who found this style distasteful, feeling that it was a long way off from the long-haired soft look that women should have. The ‘bob’ they felt was not feminine enough. To the young generation however, chopping off their long locks felt like liberation of sorts. In fact, the style was such a topic of discussion it even inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write a short story he called ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’. The story was that of a strait-laced goody two shoes heroine who gets tricked by her friends into having her glorious locks chopped off. The trick allows the heroine to find herself and shun her old image.


The style went on to become a hit with the leading ladies of the international fashion scene from Vogue’s head, Anna Wintour, to the ever trendy Victoria Beckham. This style makes for an easy change and is a great way to change your look instantly. Read on to find out which one suits your personality and face cut the best.

Classic Bob

If you are experimenting with a bob for the first time, the classic bob is a great place to start. The evergreen classic earns its name for good reason. The style is simple yet elegant, with hair cut to just reach the nape of the neck making it a style that suits all face shapes and most textures. The classic cut is straightforward with centre partition and a couple of layers added at the back if required, to give the hair some volume. This hairstyle goes best with relaxed bangs across the forehead, curving at the temples.

Side Swept Bob

If you have smooth and silky hair with lots of volume, this is a great option for you! Although it works best with oval or round faces, a tastefully cut side bob will suit most faces. Very long narrow faces don’t look too great with this style though. This do is usually worn with the hair parted along one side and the bob is styled around this combing. This hairdo involves sectioning off a part of the hair from the front, running from one side to the other. The remaining hair is cut very much like a classic bob. Once this is done, the rest of the hair is trimmed using scissors or an electric trimmer so that the side bangs fall to one side framing the face and narrowing it down. While some types of wavy hair fall easily into the side swept bob, light, frizzy hair requires a lot of maintenance to keep the look neat and glamorous. If you don’t mind blow drying your hair into a perfectly swept out look, this ultra feminine look could be just the thing for you.

The Chinese Bob

A hairstyle so edgy, it turns your whole look around, the Chinese bob is a great way to wear your confidence and attitude! The look only works with hair that is super straight and glossy. Also, fine hair does not sit well in this look at all. The overall image is sharp, put together with tons of drama. While styling hair into a Chinese bob, it is essential to make sure that the hair at the back and around the sides remains at exactly the same level. No graduation or layers for this style. The lines are simple and severe. The front portion of the hair is sectioned off and cut into a straight bang across the forehead without curving them along the temples. The fringe is supposed to have plenty of body too. This look does not play peek a boo. Avoid this style if you have a very round face or a very long one as the Chinese Bob does nothing to add shape to your face. This hairdo looks great on oval shaped faces though.

Stacked Bob

Most women complain of having hair that is too thin or fine to do anything with. The stacked bob is great if you are looking to add volume to your hair and not afraid of losing length. It is a hot favourite with the fashionistas today. If you want to draw attention to your face and elongate your look there is nothing better than the stacked bob. To achieve this style, the hair in front is bluntly cut to graze the chin. The hair at the back of the head is sectioned out into layers starting from the crown going down. The layers are then cut one at a time, with the topmost layer levelling with the tops of the ears. The longest layer tapers in from both sides of the head and is combed in towards the nape of the neck. The end result is an effect of the face being framed by hair on either side. The neck appears longer and slimmer due to the volume that is added to the head.

Shaggy Bob

A majority of women have partially wavy hair as opposed to tresses that are too straight or too curly. This shaggy bob or the messy bob as it is commonly called is a fun, whacky way to sport short hair. Choppy, layered with lots of movement, the shaggy bob emanates youthful exuberance. This look is achieved by chopping the hair into a classic bob first and then partitioning the hair into several sections moving from the top going to the bottom. The sections are then given a light touch of the razor or a mechanical trimmer. This gives the hair a lot of texture and bounce as wispy ends project from each layer of the hair.  To create the best effect, blow dry the hair at the roots and then flat iron the tips a bit. The best thing about this look is that it looks great just as a messy do as well and requires very little maintenance. This shaggy bob looks great on wide faces as it runs along the cheekbones and takes the focus away from a broad jaw line.

The Pixie Bob

Sexy, minx-like, daring and ever so naughty the pixie bob is just as exciting as the name suggests. Styled from the traditional image of the magical pixies, the style looks adorable on heart shaped or oval faces. This ultra short hairdo involves cutting the hair into a ‘boy-cut’ with the sides just brushing against the tops of your ears. The hair at the back of the head is cut similar to a stacked bob, except that the length is kept extremely short. To add a feminine touch the front of the hair is usually teased into a side swept fringe. You can wear the pixie bob in a neat swept back manner in a way that puts the face into focus, or you could tease out the tips of the hair to make them stick out a little. The textured look is a winner for the free spirited kind of girl! The bonus: This is one bob that works with very curly hair. The close cropped curls look charming and cute and lend a youthful look to the wearer.

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