This Is Foul Play: RJ Suchi SLAMS The CBCID For “Threatening” Her To Take Her Video Down!

RJ Suchi responds!

Suchitra now known has RJ Suchi has always been opinionated about her views. In a recent, Suchitra shot a bold video of her voicing her views on the death of Jayaraj and Bennicks. The video went viral and various piblic figures shared her video and in fact, her video seemed to have made a lot of sense to a lot of them as well. However, the Police has warned her to take down her video and called it falsified information.

In a note issued to the media, the CB-CID alleged that the video which Suchitra released on the custodial deaths of Jayaraj and Bennix in Sathankulam was flagged to her by the police. “Ms Suchitra’s descriptive narration of the incident is baseless and is not truly indicative of the real happenings. In this video she falsely exaggerated and sensationalised the chain of events and her allegations seems to be a figment of imagination and is not backed up by any proof,” reads the press note. Adding that the CB-CID did not find any substance in the allegations made by Suchitra in her video on investigation, the note says that the video promotes hatred against the police.

“Ms Suchitra has now taken down these falsified contents on it being flagged to her,” the note mentions.

To this Suchitra responded, “Correction: The CB-CID called. And threatened arrest for spreading fake news with intent to cause anarchy. Deleted the video under the advise of my lawyer who said they are definitely capable of doing it. Pls watch this case people – there’s a lot of foul play being employed.”


Suchitra has been actively campaigning for the case and has asked her followers to closely watch the case!

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