The Juby-Anoop Love Story: 5 Charged For Spreading Fake News!


Teaching a lesson to those who spread fake news that harasses innocents, the police has held five men for doing the disgusting deed of body-shaming 27-year-old Juby.  It was a beautifully arranged marriage with mutual consent. Bride Juby is 27 and Anoop is 29 and the couple tied the knot on February 4th.

We thought social platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp had forward options for useful and informative causes – looks like it people these men use it to ruin the lives of this newly married couple! The accused have been identified as Vincent Muttathil, Premanandhan, Rajesh PK, Shyju PV and Surendran A. An officer at the Sreekandapuram police station told The News Minute, “They started releasing pictures of the couple’s wedding on WhatsApp. We are yet to identify who among them started the forward. The preliminary investigation is yet to begin.”

In Juby and Anoop’s case, this is the forward which has been doing the rounds: “Woman’s age 48… Man’s age 25… Woman’s asset worth Rs 25 crore… Dowry 101 sovereigns Rs 50 lakh… The rest will follow… A marriage that happened in our own Cherupuzha.”

The Police further added, “The couple submitted screenshots of the messages they received on their various social media platforms as evidence. Based on this, we worked with the cyber cell department and were able to nab the five on Saturday.”

However, according to the further reports of the investigation officer the five have been released on bail.



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