Tables Turned: Bombay HC asks woman to pay alimony to ex-husband

A step towards equality?

In a recent judgement, the Bombay High Court has asked a wife to alimony to her former Husband and also said that either spouse can claim alimony under the Hindu Marriages Act. The court had ordered the wife to pay Rs. 3000 to her ex-husband who needed money. The marriage ended in 2015, after 23 years. The woman is said to be working as a University professor.

“The provision of maintenance/permanent alimony being a beneficial provision for the indigent (needy) spouse can be invoked by either of the spouses where a decree of any kind government by Sections 9 to 13 has been passed and marriage ties are broken, disrupted or adversely affected by such decree of the court,” the high court order of Justice Bharati Dangre, passed on February 26, said, according to a LiveLaw report

The husband had applied for alimony after the divorce as he said that he did not have a means of income, and that he was the encouragement behind his wife finishing her higher education and going for a job during their marriage. The wife on the other hand argued that he had a Grocery shop as a business and that she could not spare an amount for alimony as she was also taking care of their daughter.

While the husband has requested a permanent alimony amount of Rs. 15,000 a month, the Nanded Civil Court has ruled that the wife is to pay him Rs. 3000 until the permanent alimony amount is decided. This judgement was upheld by the Bombay High Court as well.

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