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Supreme Court backs up Priya Varrier!

SC quashes FIR against the actress!

A week after Muslim fringe groups have called out the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from the movie, Oru Adaar Love for hurting their sentiments, they quickly filed for a case against the director of the movie and the debut actress Priya Varrier, internet sensation. Her cute expressions have gone viral and overnight she became a sensation with millions of followers on her Instagram and social media accounts.


Priya Varrier later approached Supreme Court to dismiss the case filed against her and the Court has decided to do the same after seeing her plea.


“The criminal complaints have been instituted by various fringe groups based on a distorted and incorrect interpretation of the song in the states of Telangana, Maharashtra and similar complaints are likely from other non-Malayalam speaking states as well. The song describes and praises the love between Prophet Muhammad and his first wife Khadeeja. It should be important to note that the song is originally from an old folk song from Kerala which was written in 1978 by PMA Jabbar and first sung by Thalassery Rafeeq, in the praise of the Prophet and his wife Beevi Khadija,” read the plea.


Earlier a fringe group has called for the ban of the song based on the complaint that it hurts Muslim sentiments. Raza Academy President said that using the folk number in movies is any ‘Islamic laws’.

“The lyrics of the song are of a Malayalam folk song which is only sung during the events of Muslims, using it in movies or any form of entertainment is against the Islamic laws,” he added. He also said, “If the song is not removed from the film then the members of Raza academy will protest nationwide.” The director of Oru Adaar Love, refused to take down the video from YouTube.


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