Summer Shades: Everytime Raai Laxmi Rocked The Summer Eye Wear!

Raai Laxmi has upped her eye-wear game!

With the sun beckoning upon its mid-June heat, it’s time to upgrade your sunglasses. A killer pair of shades can change an entire look and is an essential summer accessory. Who else has noticed Laxmi Rai filling her Instagram feed with cool sunnies? Just today there has been three posts highlighting her sunglasses. From colour, print, shape, and style, here is some serious shades style inspiration to steal from Laxmi Rai.

Shield sunglasses



While last year was all about tiny frames, thank god this year’s eyewear trends are leaning towards practicality. Shield sunglasses provide the most protection and are also the biggest sunglasses trend this year.  Laxi wears the trend with Gucci square-frame acetate sunglasses.

Mirrored Lenses



2019 saw it’s variations in mirror lens. Though it can get a bit weird to talk to someone while you have these on (they’ll be looking at their reflections in your eyes), it’s too stylish to not give it a shot.




Aviator sunglasses are not new and are now becoming a classic. A blue or black tinted aviator is your best pick this summer.

Round Lenses



If sharp edges are not your thing, try round ended. You can go for medium or large sized frames according to your face structure. Style it with beachwear, casual wear or even ethnic like Laxmi.

Cycling Sunnies



A favorite for the sporty chic look, the cycling sunnies shield your eyes completely. They are the most practical and safe choice and is a must-have if you ride bikes.

The Bling



Jewels or stone embeds are common on and high-end sunglasses. It can be a little heavy on the pockets but is a worthy investment and can be a timeless piece. If you are going for a little expensive ones, don’t opt for anything too flashy and keep the colours in shades of nude and neutrals. This way you can wear it along with any outfit and it does not clash.

Unibrow sunglasses:



These frames boast bold brow bars. They are a little tricky to pull off as they give an illusion of unibrow to your face. But if you want to give them a shot, wear it a little low on your nose (just a little). You can try small box frames like this one.

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