Stay At Home Parlor; 4 DIY Beauty Mask For Glowing Skin!

Go organic!

By Vandana Ravinder

Whatever your skin type, applying too many harsh chemicals or products and piling on the layers will definitely leave you with sorry, sad skin, that is dull, stripped of its natural moisturising capabilities. More often than not, the solution is closer and simpler than we assume it to be. Here are a few DIY face packs that you can apply two to three times a week and find yourself using lesser and lesser products on your face and hopefully fewer trips to the parlour.



Suitable for inflamed acne prone oily skin.

Finely grind a teaspoon of rolled oats. Add to it some fresh cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric (wild turmeric/ Kasturi Manjal). Make a fine paste and apply anthem n layer over face and neck. Let sit for 20 minutes and wash off.



Your best bet to fight acne, blackheads, whiteheads and any kind of fungal infection.

Sun-dry neem and holy basil leaves (yes, the neem and basil that grows in your garden or backyard or even your street), grind them to a fine powder and store it. Mix half a teaspoon each of neem, holy basil and turmeric with home-set curd to make a thick paste. Apply over face and neck and let sit for 20 minutes and wash off.



Skin feels a little loose and dull? It is time to whip out the besan flour that sits idle in every kitchen. Mix half a teaspoon of besan flour with half a teaspoon of rice flour, add a dollop of honey (try and get the pure one) and curd. Go ahead apply and chill for 20 minutes. Wash off and see the difference.



Mix a teaspoon of ground oats, besan flour and a pinch of turmeric. Add to this some juicy gooey aloe Vera gel (from the plant, not from store bought jars), a dollop of raw honey. Whip it up into a thick jelly like paste. Apply a thin layer over face and neck. Left sit for 20 minutes and wash off. Now you are party-ready.


Here’s a bonus for lip care. Hot and dry summers can leave the lips feeling dry, chapped and discoloured. Despite all the claims on your newsfeed, no, you cannot mix Vaseline and beet root juice to make your own lip balm. Simple science is that oils and water doesn’t mix. (by the way Vaseline only dries out the lips further ) .


Instead, make a simple mix of coconut oil, olive oil and caster sugar. Massage well over lips for a minute and wash off. Apply a layer of yummy butter or ghee from the fridge as an overnight lip butter. You will be pout-ready in just a few days !

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