Stalker Kills Chennai College Student; Father Dies By Suicide A Few Hours Later


Recent news about the murder of a young college student at a Railway Station has shaken Chennai, as the people of the city have been reminded of the Swathi Murder case which happened at a Railway station too, a few years ago. Sathya Priya (20), a student of a private college was killed by her stalker, Sathish, who pushed her in front of a moving train at St Thomas Mount station in Chennai on Thursday, October 13.  Tragedy hit Sathya Priya’s family twice, as her father committed suicide a few hours later, and succumbed to the same in the wee hours of today morning.

Police Sources report that the stalker Sathish, a 23-yr-old, has been stalking her for a year now and that he is the son of  a retired Special Sub Inspector (SSI), who worked at the Adambakkam police station. Sathya’s mother was a head-constable at the same Police station and the two have been living in the same area in Guindy. Police sources suggest that his persistent harassment had previously led Sathya to approach the Mambalam and St Thomas Mt Police stations at two different occasions. However, as both their parents were a part of the police force, no action was taken, and the two went in for a compromise instead.

In spite of this compromise, sources have revealed that Sathish never stopped stalking Sathya, and that he kept following her on many occasions. Finally, on October 13th, the two had an argument at the St Thomas Mount Station, and he pushed her to death in front of a running train. Sathya died on the spot, and Sathish ran away from the station.

The Railway Police then reached the station to investigate the case. They first retrieved the body, which was then sent for an autopsy. Four teams under the Railway Police and three teams led by St Thomas Mount Assistant Commissioner of Law and Order were on the lookout for Sathish, who was absconding.  The police also retrieved CCTV footage from nearby areas to ascertain the identity of the accused. Sathish was arrested in the early hours of Friday.

The case has raised concerns of two types amongst the general public. Firstly, it questions the amount of safety women have, as a murder at a railway station no longer seems an impossible feat. A Railway station is known to be crowded at most times, and yet murders continue to happen there. Secondly, if only action was taken against Sathya’s complaint, maybe she still might be living.

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