Simple ways to make your skincare routine more fruitful!

Simple & Effective!

With a total area of about twenty square feet, the skin forms the largest organ of the body. The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. The harsh UV rays, dust, sunlight, pollution tends to cause a degenerating effect on our skin which is why it’s essential that we care for our skin. 

Dr.Renita Rajan from Chennai shares with us easy and useful tips that will help us construct a simple skin care routine. 

“We’ve seen the k-beauty,j-beauty and now even the c-beauty but there are certain principles that are a classic which will keep your skin healthy” she says while helping us navigate through the do’s and don’ts of skin care.

“The basic concept of a skincare routine is first, a cleanser the second thing is your day and night cream then comes something that I call special effects and the general skin principles” she adds.

“So, let’s explore the cleansers in detail,” she says and dives into the topic. “All these days we used a general cleanser for the body and face but it’s not like that anymore. There are now speciality cleansers and nobody talks about soaps for the face anymore. Everyone uses face washes these days. Face washes are of different types, first you have basic face washes that gently cleanses the skin and has a balanced PH level, it doesn’t have any smell nor does it provide a great feel good factor but these are the face washes that help to gently cleanse the skin.”

Speaking about face washes that have a cleansing and brightening effect, Dr.Renita says, “The Ph balance is obscure but these can be used once in a while.We’re not always in the same situation and the sebum secretion of our skin is not always the same, so it’s essential that we adapt to our situations and change face washes accordingly.”

“If your skin tends to be more oily then it’s better to go for a tougher cleanser but if you’re staying at home the whole day then a gentle cleanser should work just fine,” she says. 

“Active products like salicylic acid containing cleansers, glycolic acid containing cleansers, benzoyl peroxide containing cleansers are recommended for acne prone skin,” she explains.

As a precautionary measure, Dr.Renita explains that cleansers that cause irritation or patchiness is because the chosen cleanser does not work for your skin type, “An expert opinion is required in such cases,” she adds.

“It’s better to reduce the number of times you scrub your skin. The microbeads are not good for the skin or for the environment. If you want a scrubbed effort it’s better to use dissolvable things like adding brown sugar to your facial cleanser,” she advices.

Elaborating on the texture of your skin, she says,“If your skin feels sticky after cleansing it, it probably means that the ph level is not good and the cleanser is stripping off the moisture in your skin. Skin should always feel soft and the three minutes after you wash your face your skin must feel spongy which is the only way to determine if your cleanser is right for you or not,”

Speaking about using a moisturiser after cleansing, Dr.Renita says, “ A moisturiser is not recommended for people living in Chennai as the weather is quite humid. We also tend to sit in extremely air conditioned rooms and then step out into extremely hot weather, this causes either extreme sebum secretion or no secretion at all, if a moisturiser is used in such conditions then it will run and cause occlusion,”

“I recommend using a sunscreen instead of a moisturiser as it protects and nourishes your skin.” She says as her parting and final tip. 


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