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Simbhu, the Controversy’s child!

Is he paying the price for his actions?

5. STR and Oviya

With so many controversies to his name, when STR announced that Oviya is his favourite of all Bigg Boss contestants and he would in fact even marry her, K-Town folks took it to their heart. In fact, when he recently recorded a song with the Bigg Boss beloved Oviya, called Marana Matta, fans took that as a sign with some even going so far as to morph a picture to make it look like they are married.  What made the situation worse was when Simbhu himself came on the recently aired TV talk show on call to talk to Oviya and give advice plus a controversial statement. He said,  “We just sang a song and rumours spread that we were married. If we act together they will start saying we have kids!”

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