Shocking: Chennai Boy Murders Girl Over Chicken Biryani!

Is this for real?

In a shocking incident, a cold-blooded murder took place amidst the busy streets of Koyembedu Flower Market. A 25-year-old girl and a boy purchased a packet of Chicken Biryani from one of the very many shops present in the market. They then went into one of the areas, unpacked the parcel and started eating the delicacy.

That was when the girl complained about the lack of chicken pieces in the biryani. This led to an enraged argument between the two and the outraged boy hit her, took out a knife from his pocket and slashed her throat. The woman was left to bleed profusely. Her screams and shrieks were heard by the people around. Before they could catch hold of the boy,  he escaped. It was then that the police were informed about the crime.

The girl and the boy’s identity or whereabouts are unknown but a case has been registered and a thorough investigation has begun. This murder has created a sensation in the market.

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