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She Would Sit At The Front In Physics Class As The Teacher Was Very Strict And Aishwarya Wanted To Impress Her: Old Friend Shares College Memories About Ash!

Ash made heads turn.

Have you ever wondered what would have been the reaction of young boys and girls when they were studying with our beautiful actresses? For example, Aishwarya Rai. She is breath-taking at 41, she was obviously spectacular when she was young in her youth, 20’s. So how was it around her before she became was crowned world’s most beautiful woman? What happened in her college, when she boarded buses and trains, unlike her daughter Aaradhaya who has her dresses designed by Manish Malhotra, her mommy was very simple when she was young, yet she was in the centre stage, recalls her friend from college.

Shivani, Aishwarys’s college mate at Jai Hind College in Mumbai spoke to Rediff recently and shared a lot of unknown information about our beauty queen.

“I studied for a year at Jai Hind College, Mumbai and Aishwarya joined the college later,” the Taal star’s old college-friend, Shivani, told Rediff.

Sharing old memories, Shivani stated, “Guys struck by her beauty would come and stand at the college gates as she was strikingly beautiful even then.”

“She would travel by train and board at ‘Khar’ station. Sometimes, we would walk to college together. Boys (and girls) would stop to look at her in awe!” she continued.

Reminiscing about Aishwarya’s time in the classroom, Shivani said, “She had a big group of friends who were always late to class and sat at the back. But they’d sit at the front in Physics class as the teacher was very strict and Aishwarya wanted to impress her!”

“She was the apple of all the teachers’ eyes, especially the Physics lecturer who encouraged her to appear in the college magazines, I think,” she continued.

Shivani went on to muse over Aishwarya’s popularity, “She was very down-to-earth and good at her studies. Everyone called her the most beautiful girl in college and soon, she proved to be the most beautiful girl in the world!”

See a talent is never left unspotted, like any pretty girl Ash also had heads turning and was interested in Physics. How cool is that? Aaradhya sure does have a perfect tutor at home.


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