She Researched About Cyanide Before The Murder: A New Twist In Kerala’s Jolly Murder Case!

Jolly has been arrested for the shocking serial killing murders of her family members that took place in Kozhikode!

Between 2002 and 2016, six murders took place in a Catholic household and the Kozhikode police just resolved this 14-year-old case. It was on the 4th of October when the team had to open up the tomb of the family members to further probe and get to know the causes of their death. Jolly Joseph, the prime suspect, and an alleged serial killer has been held responsible for these murders.

Post investigation, a lot of answers are being unfolded. Officer Simon, who has been handling the case has been providing a series of reports recently. Investigations reveal that Jolly has been extensively researching about Cyanide and how it is used before allegedly poisoning the six members of her family, reported The News Minute.

It further reported Jolly had stated that she was inspired to use the lethal chemical after reading newspaper clippings and reports of cyanide deaths.


“Some relatives of the family who live in other districts suspect that she has attempted to poison them. They recall eating food prepared by her and falling seriously ill. They even went to a government hospital to get the food tested. However, the hospital authorities told them that to do so, they would need to first file a police complaint and get a case registered. They refrained from doing so as it would also get Jolly into trouble – she was after all a part of their family. Though they had their doubts, Jolly’s friendly demeanor confused them,” Simon told Asianet. According to the police, Jolly had also confessed that she had attempted to murder her former mother-in-law Annamma Thomas twice.



“She researched quite a bit on how to use cyanide. She told us that she used to use her hands to take the Cyanide and wash her hands later and that it was safe,” Simon added.

The Police further confirmed that Jolly used Sodium Cyanide has her weapon since Potassium Cyanide was hard to get.

“Potassium cyanide is difficult to get and very expensive. Jolly got sodium cyanide for Rs 1,500 or more. This is also highly dangerous. There have been cases earlier where the liquid (water and cyanide mixture) used for a gold wash was utilized to murder a person,” Simon added.

Catastrophy struck the Ponnamattom family in the year 2002. Jolly, a young woman from a reputed family got married to Roy Thomas. Everything was good in the hood until 2002 when the retired teacher and Roy’s mother Annamma Thomas (57) died as a result of heart failure. Following that, her husband Tom Thomas (66) died six years after Annamma.

In 2011, Jolly’s husband Roy Thomas (40) died of the same cause which made it suspicious. The autopsy report finally revealed the cause to be dead due to poisoning. However, the murders continued. In 2014, Annamma’s brother, Mathew Manjadiyil (67), died similarly.

In 2016, a relative’s daughter Alphonsa (2), died of a heart attack and within months her mother, Sili (27), also died. Jolly then married Sili’s husband Shaju and claimed ownership of the family property with the support of the last will prepared by her father-in-law Tom.

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