“She always reminds me, makeup is costlier than my tears!”

This is heartbreaking!

Many of us have been protesting for the legalization of brothels to make the already miserable lives of sex workers a little better by not having to answer the police. However, life in a prostitution is hell and the way these ladies brave up with a smile is just beautiful. In a Facebook post shared by renowned photographer GMB Akash from Bangladesh, we get a glimpse into the dark realities of a teenage sex worker’s life.

“I cannot breathe behind a closed door. I also cry while I laugh, I can’t control,” says Afsana, who has no memory of how she landed up in the dark alleys of a brothel.

Afsana is seen getting dressed for the day!

“It’s been a long time I want to go to a very green field. I have never been in any green field. But I really want to go. I have a disease, I cannot breathe behind a closed door. I also cry while I laugh, I can’t control. It’s causing a lot of trouble to our mother. Our mother is our madam.”

“I assured her I will be okay very soon, I will only laugh, will never cry. How I came to this brothel, I have no idea; I was too small to remember anything. But my only problem is, it’s very difficult to breathe here. Also, I have no memory of any person; I do not see any face when I close my eyes, I feel all alone.”

“Girls used to say they have no one too. But I tell myself, I must have someone, somewhere, may be a mother, a father or a lost family. I never had anyone to remember.”

“So I try hard to remember a face, just any face, and there comes no one. My friend, Priyanka usually wipes off my tears very quickly before I ruin my makeup.”

“She always reminds me, makeup is costly than my tears. She told me that one day we will go to a green field, she will take me there and I will breathe as much as I can.”

“Only I hope, on that day I will be able to see someone when I will close my eyes. At least once in my life, I want to feel that I am not alone.”


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