Shankar Murder Case: Kausalya SHOCKED That Her Father Was Acquitted By The HC!

Kausalya expressed her shock and grief!

Back in March 2016, Kausalya’s husband, a 22-year-old Dalit man named Sankar, was brutally hacked to death in broad daylight by three assailants on bikes right on the main road at Tirupur. The fatal wounds caused him his death in a few hours, while Kausalya was attacked with sickles, fracturing her head. All in the name of honour killing, Kausalya’s own parents who were against her marriage to Sankar had arranged for a contract killing to get rid of her husband of eight months. The killers, her family members involved in the crime, including her brother and father were sentence heavily.

Reports have confirmed that the HC has reduced the sentence from death sentence to life sentence. A shocked Kausalya stated, “I will not remain silent and will fight for justice for Shankar. Chinnasamy is the prime accused in the murder case. Acquitting him in the case is gross injustice to Shankar. I revealed all the facts and statements to the Session Court judge about the involvement of Chinnasamy, Annalakshmi and others in the case. Since the death sentence must be confirmed by the higher court, the case was taken in the Madras High Court.”

She further stated, “But shockingly the court has acquitted Chinnasamy and Annalakshmi. Besides, reduction of the death sentence to life sentence for others is also unbearable as I pointed these killers in the court and the entire incident happened in broad daylight. If Chinnasamy and Annalakshmi hadn’t conspired, Shankar would have survived and we could have lived peacefully,” she said, adding, “As I am yet to get the copy of the High Court order, I cannot comment on the decision of the court to release Chinnasamy from the death sentence.”

Shankar’s younger brother Yuvaraj said he felt very sad about the verdict. “When my parents were informed about the murder of my elder brother Shankar in March 2016, they were shocked and no consolation could resolve their pain. When the verdict about the death sentence was announced, they were somewhat satisfied, but today’s verdict was a shocking blow, as the prime conspirators were released. As it is a clear case of honour killing, we feel very sad and disappointed,” he said.

Shankar’s father Velusamy said he was more concerned about the loss of his son. “I was planning to send Shankar and Kowsalya to Bangalore and while they were walking to purchase dresses, they were attacked. I am not willing to comment on the verdict. My family members living in Udumalpet were also sad. And nothing could replace the loss of a son to a father,” Velusamy added.

Kausalya has since found love again and vows to continue fighting for the cause. In 2028, she got married to 27-year-old Parai artiste Sakthi at the Coimbatore office of the Thanthai Periyar Dravida Kazhakam (TPDK).

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