Serial Cheater: How This Andhra Man Married Women, Sexually Exploited Them And Absconded!

He called himself a serial entrepreneur on social media.

There have been various cases of marrying a partner, pretended being close to them and ultimately fleeced them taking their money away. Little did Jawahar Shukra know that his mischief was about to be out in the open. Also known as Jawahar Balakumar, the accused posted on his social media page that he is a “serial entrepreneur”. But, women he tricked were not going to let him be.

Calling him names like serial abuser, serial ‘husband’, and a serial absconder, this man married women through matrimonial sites, lured them into giving him huge sum of money, sexually abused and exploited them and finally absconded – he has been into this for quite a few years now.


His latest victim was a 29-year-old bank employee from Andhra Pradesh. Sheela* stated that Jawahar was very interested in marrying her and that he needed 18 lakhs for a potential business investment or reasons loke severe illness. He then planned to take Sheela to Srinagar, forced himself on her and when she refused, he emotionally swayed her. It was later that she found out that she was pregnant.

But, his threatening never stopped. He asked her for more money to start yet another business and threatened her that he would kill himself if she refused.

I met him again in Vishakhapatnam in October 2018. He was staying at a hotel. I asked him to return my money, but he just asked me for more money so he could buy a house for both of us. He then sexually assaulted me brutally and left the hotel in a hurry. I had a miscarriage after the incident,” stated Sheela. “There are a lot of cases registered against him. He never turns up for the court summons. He keeps travelling to different cities and stays in hotels, so the people he has cheated cannot trace him easily,” she added.



Jawahar started his hunt initially in Chennai in the year 2015 where he married a woman named Gonathi*, cheated on her similarly. Married another woman Seema* in Hyderabad and absconded to Bengaluru to marry yet another woman Hema*. He cheated on them all and absconded with valuables.

“When I told him about the miscarriage, he joked about it. After that, I just wanted to get my money back. But he just kept making excuses. He would say he had to pay salaries to his employees. He said he had dengue, then cancer. I found it a bit strange and asked him to send medical reports. He never did. I then started to inquire about him,” emphasized Sheela, “Once I found out about his marriage with Parvathi and Mamata, I decided to go to the police.”



“I was determined to get my money back. I started to dig deeper and filed a complaint with the police in December 2018. Once he found out that I was finding out the truth, he returned my money in a few hurried instalments,” Sheela said.

Sheela filed a complaint against Jawahar at the Vishakapattinam Police. She said, “He would drive around in an Audi or a BMW. All the money he had borrowed from people, he would use for showing off a false social status.”

Jawahar is currently booked under a non-bailable case and has been under custody at the Vishakapattinam Central Jail.



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