Sai Pallavi Refuses To Promote 2 Crore Worth Fairness Cream Deal; Guess Who Took It Up?

Wow this is shocking!

Sai Pallavi has always been clear about what she wants and what she builds her image to be. Be it photoshoots, endorsements or movie scripts, Sai Pallavi is very choosy. Sai Pallavi has always made heads turn with her controversies whether be it professional or her personal life. After she put an end to her rumoured affair with her ‘Karu’ director AL Vijay, she is now doing it again but for good. Fairness creams have always been one of the most racist endorsements and has turned down the confidence of thousands of men and women.

Sai Pallavi was offered to endorse a famous fairness cream brand and was offered a massive 2 crores for it as well. But, the strong-willed actress has, without a second thought, turned down the brand. Sai Pallavi is one of those very few actresses who doesn’t wear makeup on and offscreen. Also, she considers fairness creams against her policy.

Sai Pallavi had earlier said, “I don’t endorse beauty products. You need to be confident about who you are and your skin colour.”

But, could you guess which leading actress took it up? It is none other than the ‘Chekka Chevandha Vaanam’ actress Aishwarya Rajesh. Aishwarya is now a part of the Fair and Lovely brand.

We are not sure if this was the brand Sai Pallavi rejected but we wished no actress or actor promoted fairness creams. Every shade of human is beautiful, its unfair that one has to lose confidence to see this.

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