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Protests Break Out In Chennai’s SRM College After Man Sexually Harasses Girl Student!

The protests happened late at night!

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, situated in Chennai’s Kattangulathur, had students protesting against the college authorities’ indifference after a girl student was sexually harassed by a garbage collector working for the campus. The girl, a second year UG student, had used the elevator to go to her room in the hostel at 3 PM on Thursday when the man masturbated in front of her.

The girl’s ordeal increased when he kept blocking her path while she tried leaving the elevator. While the authorities have CCTV footage of what the harasser did, a lot of convincing happened before the wardens could believe the girl.

The student was told by the college authorities to give them the complaint in writing and collect the CCTV footage near the entrance of the elevator.

What’s worse? Students have alleged that the director of the university has maintained that such “things happen to girls because they are north Indians who dress dirty, and smoke and drink”.

According to a few students, upon hearing the incident, the warden also told the students to not wear short clothes as these would entice a man. The warden further didn’t take the complaint, forcing the students to resort to protest.

Here’s what the students posted about the event:

Several protesters in solidarity with the girl said that the hostel warden allegedly delayed access to the CCTV footage of the elevator and the registering of a complaint by over two hours.


SRM University Vice-Chancellor Sandeep Sancheti categorically denied the allegations of inaction and said that the administration would look into the complaint.

“Students are discussing with us. Whatever the matter is, it will be taken care of. If there is a matter, it will be inquired,” he is quoted saying. However, as of late last night, there has been no confirmation if a police report has been filed or not. As of late last night, the Maraimalai police station has said that there has been no complaint filed.

And here’s what the chancellor had to say:

Here’s the image of the perpetrator:

Thus far, police officials who reached the protest spot last night have been quoted saying that the protesters left after assurances from the university administration happened.

According to The New Indian Express, S Mythili, Director of Student Affairs, has said that the management terminated the worker against whom the allegations had been made. “We have sent him out, but we can’t take further action until there’s more clarity over the issue,” she said.

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