Pregnancy Fashion: Chic & Comfortable!

What to shop while expecting!

Entering motherhood is a celebratory occasion.While now is the time to eat healthy, stay happy, it is also a time to build yourself a new wardrobe. Time to swap your stilettos to pretty flats and enjoy your bump with style. So here’s a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for maternity wear.

Balanced Bottoms 

Swap your jeans to your jogging bottoms. While previously they have been worn only to gym and yoga. jogging bottoms are a comfortable option for pregnancy. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and pumps. Wrap-around dresses and tops are a great choice too. Buy two size bigger than you normally do, the tied waist will allow the growth of your bump. Button-down shirt dress is yet another chic option .

Fabrics to wear

Opt for more natural fabrics. During pregnancy your skin can be extra prone to flushes. Avoid heavy man-made fabrics that might cause skin irritation. Also stay away from restricted materials, and opt for clothes that have extra stretch. Free and easy fabrics like soft knits, cotton, viscose.

Shop a size up.

Try not investing on expensive maternity wears during your early months. Put off until your tummy grows and buy a size bigger. This way you can continue wearing them post delivery while loosing your baby weight.

Say no to frills and yes to layers.

Since you are already feeling bulky on your top half, frills or too much detailing will only add more volume to your look. Opt for simple silhouettes and plain or minimal designs. Try layering simple camisoles with chiffon over-tops.

Step-up accessories

Layer your neck with pretty slim necklaces, wear bangles, invest on scarfs and long earrings. They help smarten-up your otherwise simple and relaxed outfit.

Monotone Dressing: Wearing the same colour from head to toe makes you appear smaller than might feel.

Feet Fare:

Invest on some pretty flats preferable flip-flops or slip on. This will offer good comfort for swollen ankles! There are no health reason’s to avoid heels during pregnancy, it’s just a matter of comfort. So incase you want to wear heels for any special occasion go for broad heels. Width over height offer more support.


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