No More Fairness Cream Ads; Government Slaps 5 Years Of Imprisonment And Rs.50 Lakhs Against These Ads!

Well done!

Fairness creams have become a very controversial topic of discussion, with many people pointing out the negative appearance image it promotes and also the false promises many brands make to impressionable consumers. The government has finally taken a stance on the issue, and things don’t look for both brands involved in the business and the celebrities who endorse these products.

The government has amended the Drugs and Magic remedies act (Objectionable Advertisements), 1954, to include these fairness products. Under the proposed new laws, people involved in the promotion of products if found guilty will be punished with up to 2 years with a 10 lac penalty for the first offense, and a repeat offender could face 5 years and a 50 lac fine.

This is a massive upgrade from the soon to be phased outlaw, which only recommends 6 months for the first offense and 2 years for repeated offenses.

Fairness cream advertisements have been identified as exploiting what has become very common insecurity among a very large group of people, and also set what is unfair and unattainable beauty standards.  Some fairness cream advertisements are even treating dark skin as an ailment that needs to be cured, rather than being natural.

Along with the change in laws, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had also released a notice to explain the proposal. The amendment reflects the need to “keep pace with changing time and technology.”

The news has been met with overwhelmingly positive responses, as many people share the same opinion that fairness cream advertisements have constructed a problem in society.

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