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Nightly Rituals You Must Follow!

Are you sleeping the right way?

Night, Night

By the time your day has wound up and it’s the perfect hour to hit the hay, you’re way too exhausted to think of much else except plunge yourself into that fluffy pillow. Be that as it may, allow us to suggest a slightly more productive way to call it a day.

Are you getting the most out of your few hours of shuteye? Here are some ways to ensure you squeeze out as much energy for the next day as you can, using these bedtime rituals:

Soak to de-stress

A nice warm bath is a great way to relax those stiff joints, remove dirt and grime from the day, and remove negative emotions from the mind. Its soothing caress lulls the mind into a stasis, gently sloughing away toxins from your body. Drop a little baking soda and ginger into your bath and step into the goodness of effervescent heaven! You’ll feel so much lighter in bed and refreshed the next morning.

Soothe your soul

An important part of reposeful sleep is the absence of a crowded mind. Thoughts of anxiety and agitation can be canceled through the influx of calming ones. Sit on your bed and close your eyes, bringing into focus one highlight of the day; reflect on that in silent meditation. If that doesn’t suit you, keep a collection of poetry handy. Haikus (short Japanese poems) in particular are said to invoke a state of undisturbed peace in the mind.

Lights out

Light exposure is a strong determinant of your quality of sleep. Through the day, staying in the light keeps you awake and alert. When you turn the lights out, sleep hormones called melatonin are produced which signal the brain that it is time to rest. This keeps the body’s internal functions prepare themselves accordingly. Leaving the light on discourages this hormone from being released, and keeps your body alert, leaving you less refreshed the following morning.

Choose a small red bulb for a night lamp. Red having a long wavelength, is the least intrusive to a restful sleep.

Tech-free is tension-free

Along with the lights, go ahead and keep the electronics off too. If you are expecting an important call in the night, keep your phone a few feet away from where you sleep. This comes recommended by the National Sleep Foundation in Washington, with the explanation that vibrations and ringing noises from devices tend to erratically disrupt sleep-wake cycles, throwing them completely out of order. Keep them out of reach all night and reap the benefits of an invigorated you!

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