Nadigar Sangam Forms An ICC For Artistes To Report Sexual Harassment!


After many complaints and shout-outs against sexual harassment, the Nadigar Sangam or the South Indian’s Artistes Association (SIAA) has formed a body to take sexual harassment at workplace more seriously. It was singer Chinmayi who took up the bold move of calling out against sexual harassment. Many then came forward to support her and many even got the chance to voice out their experience in the film industry.

The Nadigar Sangam was pointed at for not taking this seriously and not taking an effort to create a safe workspace environment for the female artistes. They seem to have finally come out with a solution. The committee comprises of actors Karthi, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Rohini, Kitty alias Raja Krishnamoorthy, Poochi Murugan, Lalitha Kumari and Krishna Raveendran. In a short press release, the association had said,  “A special committee has been set up by #NadigarSangam to safeguard and protect the self-respect, public life evaluation and self-esteem of artistes.”


In an exclusive interview with The News Minute, actor Nasser stated, “This is the official internal complaints committee. It will take care of the welfare and protection of women. Everybody has such a committee and we are trying to implement it too. It will be based on Vishaka guidelines but because this profession is different from any other occupations we will have to add a lot of features to it.”

The actor further added that the functioning of the committee and its members will be announced shortly.

“There will be a woman presiding officer and an external member in the committee. We are still trying to iron out details. The film industry is very different and we have to take that into account,” says Nasser.

Earlier when the #metoo movement was at its peak, the Nadigar Sangam had earlier decided to create a “Vishaka Committee” to safeguard the Rights and self-respect of the artistes.

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