My Relationship With My Husband Is Pure And Beautiful: Ramya Krishnan!

Ramya’s love story is beautiful!

Ramya Krishnan has scaled great career heights ever since Rajamouli’s magnum opus released. Just the chilling scene of Rajamata Sivagami Devi plunging a sword into another character and then proceeding to calmly breastfeed her baby will convince you of this. Her expressions shift fluidly from rage to contentment as a testament to her caliber as an actor.

Romance and Ramya are virtually synonymous. Her love story with husband Krishna Vamsi is a saga that the lovely actress shares with us. “It’s a long story. We were friends. We then dated for almost seven years before we got married. Our relationship has evolved and grown and it is now at a beautiful place. Throughout our journey, he has remained my best friend, the one person who understands me the most. I treasure our mutual respect for each other.”


Ramya Krishnan is as much a devoted mother in real life as she has been on the reel. So how does Ritwik, her son, react to seeing her onscreen? Gleaming with pride, she responds, “He is quite thrilled about it. In fact, Ritwik has started commenting on my hairdos and tells me what style looks better on me.”

On asking if he plays the critic, she says, ” He doesn’t criticize openly. Sometimes when he is sitting away in a chair, watching a movie with me in the room; he comes over to me with a hug. I really don’t understand how child psychology works, but that’s how he reacts when he sees me on screen.”

Ramya Krishnan is hands-down one of the best actress ever in India. The southern beauty has played many roles in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. She has also done major roles in television programs.

Ramya Krishnan has played many unique characters and always does a fine job in acting them.

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