My Father Has Had Affairs: Peter Paul’s Son LASHES OUT At Vanitha Vijayakumar For Her Statements Supporting Her Husband!

Peter’s son reveals some shocking statement!

Vanitha Vijayakumar got married in a private ceremony yesterday and the pictures have been going viral ever since. It has not even been a day since the couple let out these pictures that their marriage is already in trouble. Vanitha’s husband Peter Paul’s wife Elizabeth Helen has lodged a Police complaint against her husband for not legally divorcing her before Peter married Vanitha.

The couple has two kids and have been living separately for the past seven years. However, Elizabeth has stated in her complaint that it is illegal to marry another woman while being married to the first wife. Further inquiry is bound to take place shortly.

Meanwhile, Vanitha in a recent video interview clarified about Peter Paul’s character. Refuting her statements, Peter Paul’s college-going son has stated that his father in an alcoholic. The Times of India quoted him saying thay the family, his mother, sister and he moved in with his maternal grandmother, some four-five years ago, after his father has been admitted in a rehabilitation centre. Saying that his dad had tried to escape from the centre by climbing a wall, he added that Peter suffered injuries in the attempt.

He added that his mother Elizabeth Helen stopped talking to his dad after he told her that he was having an affair with a woman and she was pregnant with his baby. He recalled that his younger sister was hardly two years, then, when this incident took place and he vividly remembers how his dad, fully drunk, came home and asked him whether he can replace his mother with a new aunty. He said that he repeated the same to his mother too.

He said that his dad’s affairs are nothing new to him, as he used to have flings with people wherever he worked. He added that he used to get home drunk whenever he was hiding something.

To the claim that he had gone to Vanitha’s house, the young boy said that he had gone there along with his dad one evening and had dinner at her place. He said that he has been considering Vanitha’s younger daughter as his sister and used to exchange messages, and recently memes.

The youngster said that when he confronted his dad about his impending wedding with Vanitha, Peter said that the invitation was printed by someone to humiliate him and it was fake. On the claim that his mother was creating a problem for money, the boy said that his mother never asked for anything. In fact, Peter had pledged all her jewellery and hence his grandmom had asked for five lakh rupees, he said.

He added that while his dad’s work is really good, he hates him for dishonest person, who commits adultery and drinks a lot. He said that when he heard about his dad’s wedding news with Vanitha, he apparently felt nothing as his disloyalty has been going on for a long time, and he used to have affairs with many women.


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