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Mother Slams Baby To Death After Husband Caught With First Wife

The mother said she was angry with her husband.

An 18-day-old baby was slammed to death by her mother, 23-year-old Celestina Mary, after the mother found out that her husband had been spending time with his first wife. According to The News Minute, the mother confessed that when she heard about her husband, she slammed the baby’s head to the floor twice. But when she took the baby to the hospital, she said that the baby was choking while being fed. The incident occurred 15 days ago.

On Nov 12, Celestina called her mother and said that the baby was not being able to breathe while drinking milk. They took the baby to the Government Stanley Medical Hospital and the doctors declared the child to have been brought dead and informed the police.

The doctors found this suspicious and when the autopsy showed that the baby died due to internal bleeding after being hit on the head, the police got involved. Upon questioning, Celestina was arrested on Wednesday at her house.

Turns out, her wrath on her husband was owing to him spending quality time with his first wife despite him promising to not do so when he married Celestina. Her husband, a daily wage labourer, already has a child with his first wife and has another child with Celestina. Celestina was married to him two years ago.

According to Times Now, here’s what she confessed to the police:

”My husband was already married and he had 3-year-old girl. He never told about his first marriage to me, recently I got to know the truth. Already we have a girl baby and I suffered a lot because of my husband. And he also fought with me because the second child also was a girl. So I was very upset. Then only I decided to kill my own baby. I banged the baby’s head on the floor. After she died, I called my mother and told she is suffering.”

The case was under section 174 CrPC but is now under 302 IPC (Murder). Celestina has been remanded to judicial custody.

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