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#MeToo Shocker: Singer Karthik Reacts To Chinmayi’s Sexual Allegations Against Him!

Karthik clarifies!

Chinmayi has been strongly voicing out her opinion in support of the #MeToo movement, she has been fighting for a lot of women who have been facing workplace sexual harassment. The singer firmly spoke out against writer Vairamuthu and Singer Karthik who allegedly harassed a cast or a crew to which Chinmayi responded, “I just wrapped a show with him yesterday where he was co-judge. I believe the victim. Karthik, sorry, your #TimesUp”. She further added, “The #Metoo campaign is truly an ugly truth vent and I would be doing grave injustice in not calling out singer Karthik. What I actually mean is ‘We’ as I personally know of several others so this is #Ustoo. He has always misused his popularity and sickeningly pursued multiple women(even same day!). This is not restricted to the singer fraternity alone. He does it ‘as a matter of fact’ and has no regret in doing so. Sexting, dirty pictures, videos, groping… what not. I have experienced this myself. Just cos he is popular he had veiled it well. Thus far. Anonymity actually is no big deal in this case as there are so many girls who would gladly say ‘#Metoo’.”

After a long moment of silence, singer Karthik breaks his silence over the allegations against him. In a public statement, the singer said, “here have been anonymous allegations and rumours being made against me on Twitter. True to my conscience, I have never ever hurt any human being or harassed anybody ignoring their consent. I want to put it out there that I have never intentionally acted in a way that would make anybody feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If anybody felt hurt because of any of my actions in the past, please reach to me directly. I do believe in facing the consequences of one’s actions. I fully support MeToo and if there’s truth in anybody’s grievance, I shall be more than willing to apologize or face legal action because I don’t want to ever leave a sour taste in anyone’s life.”


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