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#MeToo India: Vairamuthu Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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The last one week has been an important one for women in India, marking a watershed moment where women have been outing their harassers with their identity and anonymously, too. While this is being dubbed as India’s #MeToo and #TimesUp movement that was originally started by student Raya Sarkar’s list of sexual harassers in academia (LoSHA) last year, this year the moment gained more attention a week ago when former actress Tanushree Dutta shared how veteran actor Nana Patekar abused and harassed her ten years ago.

Ever since then, women have been opening up about workplace harassment with several names of prominent figures being added to the list. Journalist Sandhya Menon, who has been sharing stories of harassment endured by several women, shared a screenshot of an anonymous journalist accusing National Awards winning Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu of sexual misconduct.

Speaking on the matter, Vairamuthu took to Twitter stating that he’s being humiliated. Stating that it’s a fad to defame celebrities, he said: “I consider this as one among the many attempts to humiliate me. I only support the truth and it will come out in time.”

Responding to this, singer Chinmayi, who has been sharing her own experiences and corroborating other women’s experiences, called him a ‘liar’.

She further wrote: “To EVERYONE who will debate about me on channels – whether you slut shame me or call me names Vairamuthu is a sexual predator. I will take this to my grave. And to Tamil channels who wouldn’t even carry a ticker OR report, wanting a byte *after* Delhi news channels. No.”

Actor Rahul Ravindran, who is also her husband, took on Vairamuthu’s lack of apology in the tweet he shared.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Chinmayi wrote about the time over 10 years ago, when was asked to “co-operate” and meet Vairamuthu in his hotel room.

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