Meet Yagna Prabha, A Messiah For Street Dogs In Chennai!

Yagna feeds over 350 dogs in the city!


Picture a 66 year-old woman actively driving her car around Chennai filled with 350 food packets for the stray and the unattended dogs in the city. Yagnna Prabha is the daughter of veteran actress Sowcar Janaki. Married at a young age of 16, she finally found her passion when she returned to Chennai years later from Gujarat. Expecting nothing in return, she feeds an infinite number of dogs in the city every single day. A proud daughter, a doting grandmother, a bold woman and a strong individual, Prabha aunty, as she likes to be called, is an epitome of selfless love. This inspirational woman talks to Varsha Abhay about her shelter, Sri Sathya Sai Prani Seva and the activities that she is part of as a dog lover.  


Why do you love dogs so much and how did you finally end up adopting the numerous ones at your ECR shelter?

A philosopher, friend and guide told me that I was cut out to do something different. It so happened that on that particular day, we were driving down T Nagar where I saw this stray pup on the street. From the nearby tea shop, I bought her a packet of milk. The second day too I did the same. The third day, when I reached the place, there was a road being laid. The workers assumed that since she was not to be seen that she would have been dead. But I wasn’t prepared to believe that she is no more, hence I looked for her. Suddenly I heard a noise and then I stopped to see her covered in an inch of tar, crying for help. We rushed her to the nearby veterinary hospital and saved the poor soul. We named her Manasa and she was the first pup that I adopted. And since then I have adopted 112 dogs in my shelter at ECR.

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