Meet Yagna Prabha, A Messiah For Street Dogs In Chennai!

Yagna feeds over 350 dogs in the city!


Tell us more about the Sri SathyaSaiPraniSeva shelters.

The shelter has 40 rooms, 100 square feet each and none of my pets are tied. They are all vaccinated and dewormed. The veterinary doctors that come there to treat the pets give me a discount on their fee, the food and the medicines.I have two maids who are working there since 1998; they come in the morning and are there till evening every day.

Next to my shelter, there is also a burial ground. I don’t like throwing away dead pets, like most people conveniently just do. I give them a proper burial. Even pet owners who don’t know what to do with their dogs that passed away, I get them buried near the shelter.  I am comfortable knowing that my babies are there.

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