Meet Yagna Prabha, A Messiah For Street Dogs In Chennai!

Yagna feeds over 350 dogs in the city!


What went behind setting up the dog shelter home at ECR?

So, when I started with my real estate work, I had some 14 dogs in my T Nagar apartment. I received quite a few complaints from the residents because of that. Once while I was going about my business, I came across a piece of land on the East Coast Road. Those two grounds were always in the back of my mind. When I cracked a deal and got enough earnings, I finally bought the plot and began planning the setup. Once I bought the land, I started setting the shelter up. Dr Ambaji Rao, a veterinary hospital’s Dean helped me draft all the paper work for the shelter. Then we applied for a grant to Maneka Gandhi. As soon as she heard about me and the idea, she was generous enough to send two people from Delhi to work with us. Apart from that she gave us a lump sum to set up and run the shelter home and also a Maruti Omni ambulance van with a blue light. I would drive the ambulance myself. We rescued many dogs from the ECR itself.  A lot of people would just give away the dog to the watchmen of their locality and ask him to just get rid of the pet for them. So those days I had Terriers, Pomeranians, Great Danes, a lot of fancy dogs that the owners had simply let go of.

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