Man files case on google map for breaking his marriage life!

Here’s what happened!

Many of us call google maps our saviour and regard it as one of the most useful inventions in this century. However, that’s not the case for a 49-year-old man in Nagapattinam district’s Mayiladuthurai.

R Chandrasekhar, a fancy shop owner believes that google maps is the cause for a rift in his marriage. The distressed husband went to the local police station with a complaint in hand to demand action be taken against google maps and its false claims. In the complaint, he says the navigation app has been causing family problems, emotional stress and discomfort in his life. He claims that the app has misinformation regarding his whereabouts which his wife doesn’t believe.
In a written complaint, the man said, “For the last few months, my wife has been constantly scanning the ‘Your timeline’ feature on Google Maps and refuses to let me sleep, as she questions where I was. She is constantly thinking about this, is getting affected and affecting the rest of the family too.”

The most recent incident that caused Chandrasekar to take such a decision was the apps feature of depicting a graph that consisted of places that he’s never visited, this caused the his wife to grow exceedingly suspicious of his whereabouts which later lead to family problems.

In his letter the man pleaded and wrote, “I am unable to answer her questions. And my wife is not listening despite what family, relatives, our circle of friends and counsellors are saying. Despite several talks, she is refusing to listen. She believes Google over anything else. Google is causing strife in my family life. So I ask you to take action against Google and ensure justice for me. I also ask that Google give me compensation for causing so much strife,”

Speaking to the news minute,  investigating officer, K Singaravelu said that no FIR has been filed and the couple would be given counselling after which further action will be taken.

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