Makeup newbie? Here’s what you can start with

Starter Kit!!

Building a makeup cabinet from scratch can be an intimidating process. With so many cosmetic products on the market, and beauty gurus pushing products by the dozen, it’s often hard to determine what’s vital and what might be just a waste of money. Sruthi Ravinder shares the down-low on everything a make-up newbie must own – nothing more, nothing less!

While you might not need an eyelash curler, a rotating mascara wand, or a set of twenty-five different brushes, you will need your basics. So if you are a beginner and are looking to shop your beauty pouch, here is your guide to your actual must-haves:

Eye shadow palette:

Eye shadow palettes come in such a dizzying range of packages and combinations, it can get a bit much, especially for a beginner. A naked palette is what you’ll need. While colorful palettes are eye candy, the ultimate basic must-have is a foolproof set of neutral colors which will prove easy to apply as well. Most of these boxes come with 12 nude colours that you can use to create endless neutral looks and even smokey eyes (with the dark brown, black and grey). Apart from this, you can also add a red eyeshadow to your cart. They are great for parties and special occasions.

Contour Kit:

Contouring is to add angular shape to your face. It involves applying dark and light makeup to enhance—and even slim down—certain facial features. As a beginner, you can go for a basic contouring kit. The two-pan kit will be your perfect pick. Choose the shades that are closest to your natural skin tone. Use the contour under your cheekbones, around your temples and hairline, down the sides of your nose, and just beneath your jaw bone for a soft everyday sculpted look.

Blush and highlighter: To add a healthy colour and a subtle glow to your skin you will need a classic blush and highlighter. Choose a palette that has a shade of pink, gold, and neutrals, so you’ll have one for every occasion.

The right set of brushes:

Here is a breakdown of the actual brushes you’ll need for perfect strokes to blush, from the fluffiest to the sleekest. You will need a fluffy powder brush and you can use the same for applying your blush. Also, a flat highlighter brush for your cheekbones and a firm-bristled angled brush for brows.  Finally, a small tapered brush for your eye shadow will sort you right out.

Rinse and repeat: Makeup remover

While wearing makeup gives you the flawless you need for the day, it’s very important to have every ounce of it wiped out of your face before you hit the sack. Invest in a makeup remover. Available as both wipes and solution, both are equally effective. Read the label to ensure that it is alcohol-free to avoid skin irritation. For a more organic approach, you can also use coconut oil dabbed in cotton pads, it’s a natural cleansing oil.

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