Make Your Own Home Bar!!

Bring the party home!

By Ancy Donal

A bar is the one must have in a proper grown-up home. Even if you don’t drink you can always offer something to your guest. Whether you are just a beginner or an expert in making cocktails, all you have to do is own a home bar and start mixing. These 5 home bar ideas will help you set up space with all the essential tools you need and making it classy and inspiring to try new things.

  1. The Table

Transform any table into a bar by simply topping it with a tray. Arrange the bottles, glasses and ice bucket on top of the table, and store your essential bar tools in a nearby drawer or in a vessel. Also, equip the place with stylish bar stools to make the place more appealing.



  1. Decor

Lighting will set in the perfect mood for drinking and try fitting rustic bar lights. Also have speakers around and play bar music to enhance the effect. Leave room for lamps and small decor elements to keep the bar functional and decorative. Art and wall decor will add extra spice to the bar. Bar carts are one of the super cool furnishings that has to be around.



  1. Alcohol

To make fantastic, creative cocktails, there’s no need to stock your bar with a lot of expensive vodka and brightly coloured spirits and mixers. Basic spirits and a few mixers will not only serve as a base for a surprising number of cocktails but also give you enough to come up with some cool drinks.



  1. Glassware

There are only three basic types of glasses that one should invest in a home bar. A short glass, a tall glass, a stem and a basic stemmed wine glasses will be the basic needs.  Find interesting features that match your bar’s style and also try some of the best designs in vintage glassware.



  1. Bar Tools

Bar tools are the must-haves and a beginner bartender needs only a few essential bar tools to develop the skills. Cocktail shakers, mixing glasses, bottle openers, strainers, bar spoons, stirrers, ice bucket and liquor bottle pourers are few bar tools a bar should possess. They will definitely give a feel of a real bar.

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