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Love It Or Hate It, You Still Watch It: 7 Types Of People Watching Bigg Boss!

I’m the 5th!

The viewers didn’t stop watching once Oviya left, in fact, they still wanted to see the aftershock of it. Knowing the usual pattern of the entire reality show, that is after Gayathri and Sakthi started the same grouping process with Raiza and everyone else. However, there are 7 types of people that still continue watching the show for these reasons:


1. The Oviya fan: They are now heartbroken and happy at the same time because they want her to go back to the house and the title but they also want her to stay and meet her fans. These fans or the Oviya Army as they are called watch Bigg Boss either to hear about the nice things they talk about their Thalaivi or in the hope that she comes back.

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