KERALA: 19-Year-Old Stalker Kills A Woman He Stalked And Kills Himself Afterwards!



In a very tragic story, a 19 year old woman was brutally murdered by her stalker, who later committed suicide after performing the act in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday.

Anu, (20), had been stalking Ashika (19) for a while. Anu had forcefully entered the home of Ashika, who was doing a beautician course, and slit her throat in broad daylight. Ashika’s grandparents were at the house, and her rushed to Ashika’s room after hearing screaming. They then found the both of them laying in a large pool of blood as Anu had then slit his own neck.

They were rushed to Karakonam medical hospital, where Ashika was eventually pronounced dead. Anu was transferred to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, but he too eventually succumbed.

The two had previous history, Ashika’s mother Seetha had informed the media that the two dated previously. However, they had split and Anu started stalking her.

Ashika’s parents had complained about the stalking to the police, who set up a meeting between the pair and Anu had earlier promised to keep away.

This is unfortunately the latest issue in a string of stalker related deaths in Kerala. In March 2019, B Tech student Kavitha Vijaykumar (20) was set on fire and killed by AjinReji Matthew. In April, Neethu (21) from Thrissur was also burnt to death by Nidheesh after his wedding proposal was denied. Soumya Pushpakaran, a Civil Police Offer and a 17 year old girl also died under similar circumstances later on that year.

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