#JusticeForJayapriya: Many Express Anger Over The Brutal Rape And Murder Of The 7-Year-Old In Tamil Nadu!

How tragic!

In a turn of shocking events, 7-year-old Jayapriya was found dead near a set of shrubs in a village in Podukottai district of Tamil Nadu. Jayapriya was playing around her home situated in Anbal Village until she suddenly disappeared on the first of July. However, her parents did not make the effort to search for her since they thought she would have gone to her relativeโ€™s house right around the corner. When the 7-year-old didnโ€™t return, a police complaint was made and search parties were formed. She was later found in a shrub with multiple industries.

The Pudukottai Medical College conducted a postmortem on the body when they found outย that she was raped and murdered.

The police suspected it to be a murder involving more than one person and search was on to nab the culprits. The police dog which was used in the search sat in front of a house after sniffing the entire area and police arrested 28-year old Rajesh from the house. On investigation Rajesh accepted that he committed the crime and he has now been taken into custody. But Police suspect that there may be another person involved in the case and investigations are on-going.

Various people on social media expressed their anger over the same and #justiceforjayapriya has been trending:


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