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JUST IN : The Third Episode of The Apartment Is Out ! Watch Now!

It’s all about the expectations that come with love!

The third episode of our JFW Originals The Apartment is finally out! The last episode showed us how Sam and Vidya were falling for each other and in this one, their story takes a new turn. It’s known and established that these two people are opposites, their personalities are different from one another. It’s interesting to see how they navigate through these differences and find a way to stay together, or not, you have to watch to find out.

It starts with Vidya and Sam having an intimate moment and then talking to each other about how different they are. Vidya believes that opposites attract and that life is enriched when we learn from each other while Sam believes that life would be simpler had they been more similar. But love is love, love doesn’t see differences. They are aware that their arguments and fights are because of this reason so Sam comes up with a plan.

This episode takes a deeper look into their relationship. Both want different things from it, while Vidya is expecting more time, affection and emotional investment from Sam, Sam is used to being alone, having his space to himself. Will this be the straw that breaks their back? When you watch this episode, you will feel torn. You would either feel for Vidya when she i constantly dismissed by Sam or you will side with Sam where he is dealing with some emotional struggles of his own. Whose side are you on? Will their petty fights and pranks bring them together eventually? Or will they be done with each other for good? Wait for the next episode to find that out!

The Apartment is written and directed by Vikas Kasthurirangan starring Abhirami Venkatachalam, Ajay Melvin, Mani Vaithy, Aarya Lakshmi, Sugamya and Thrishal. The producers are Bina Sujit and Sujit Kumar and the creative producer is Sanjiv S Kumar. It’s presented by Nippon Paint and powered by Presta Women’s Wear. The music is by Bharath Dhanasekar and the sound design is by S Karthick.

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