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JUST IN : The Apartment’s Final Episode Is Out ! Watch Now!

The last and final episode is finally out there!

And the last episode of the YouTube series The Apartment is out and it’s the perfect warm ending that Sam and Vidya deserved. After a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows, the two decided to part ways in the previous episode. They are inherently opposites, their mannerisms, personality and behaviour, all are diametrically different from one another. This episode is the beautiful culmination of what happens when Sam realises that he cannot live without Vidya and goes after her.

The 5th episode ended us giving hope that they might reunite. We saw Sam parking his bags and leaving to meet her and profess his love to ask and call her back. The latest episode starts off by Sam reaching her sisters place and asking Vidya to come back home. But he is met with disappointment when Vidya refuses and asks him to go back.

This episode also shows us that Sam has a warm side, under all the tough exterior lies a heart thats full of affection and understanding. he wants to work on himself for her, he wants to redeem himself in front of her. But the question is whether she wants it or not? She had high hopes and dreams from this relationship but when he didn’t respond to her and didn’t give her the due respect and time she deserved, her heart was broken.

Watch the last episode to find out what finally happens. Does the magic reignite? Do they completely break off? Do they come to an understanding ?

The Apartment is written and directed by Vikas Kasthurirangan starring Abhirami Venkatachalam, Ajay Melvin, Mani Vaithy, Aarya Lakshmi, Sugamya and Thrishal. The producers are Bina Sujit and Sujit Kumar and the creative producer is Sanjiv S Kumar. It’s presented by Nippon Paint and powered by Presta Women’s Wear. The music is by Bharath Dhanasekar and the sound design is by S Karthick.

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