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JUST IN : The Apartment’s 4th Episode Is Out! Watch Now!

What a fun episode this was!

The fourth episode of JFW Originals YouTube series The Apartment is out and it’s a fun one! The story unfolds further when Sam and Vidya are at loggerheads, they are trying to one-up the others with pranks! It’s such a lighthearted episode with loads to laugh about. Will the two find a common ground to end their fight? Or will the fight transcend to the next level and split them up? Watch this episode and decode what happens!

The episode starts with Sam and Vidya trying to prank each other trying to trouble one another. They have feelings for each other but are trying to get an upper hand in this long fight. When Preethi invites the two to meet her fiancé over a meal, it’s interesting to find out how they will behave.

But when they are out at the restaurant, Sam’s friend visits their home. Sam clearly instructs him not to touch or do anything in the house. But he indulges in some brownies that were kept on the centre table. What happens next is just the ultimate in this episode. It’s hilarious!

In the meantime, when Sam and Vidya are out with Preethi and her fiancé, they try not to bring up their fight. But them being then, they start fighting with each other in front of their friends which results in the friends fighting as well. Is this the last straw in their relationship? Will they end this for good? Wait for the next episode to find out.
The Apartment is written and directed by Vikas Kasthurirangan starring Abhirami Venkatachalam, Ajay Melvin, Mani Vaithy, Aarya Lakshmi, Sugamya and Thrishal. The producers are Bina Sujit and Sujit Kumar and the creative producer is Sanjiv S Kumar. It’s presented by Nippon Paint and powered by Presta Women’s Wear. The music is by Bharath Dhanasekar and the sound design is by S Karthick.

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