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JUST IN : The Apartment’s 5th Episode Is Out ! Watch Now!

Can’t wait to know what happens next!

The second last episode of the YouTube series The Apartment is out and it is a guaranteed roller coaster of emotions. It’s the culmination of all their fights and differences. Sam and Vidya are in love but is that going to be enough to keep them together? Difference of opinions, contrasting personalities and behaviour keep them apart in this episode. But isnt love about conquering it all for each other?

In the previous episode we saw how Sam and Vidya prank each other trying to trouble one another. His friend gets caught in the middle and suffers, which upsets and angers Sam. At the same time, when they go to meet Preethi and hr fiancé, they quarrel in front of them. Not just that, they instigate the soon-to-be-married couple which ends in them fighting as well. Both Sam and Vidya are unhappy, they arent able to see through the differences.


Brace yourself, this episode is an emotional one. Sam is being closed off, he doesn’t talk to her like before or even responds to her affection. On the other hand, we see Vidya trying her best to salvage their relationship. She take care of him and tries to make things normal but Sam isnt able to silence the voices in his head. The same voices that keep him away from her. When Vidya has had enough, she packs her bags and leave the house. Sam doesnt stop her but when she leaves, he’s deeply affected by it. He realises how much he loved and wanted Vidya to be in his home and his life.

This episode also gives us an insight into Sam’s mental well-being. He’s been conditioned to living a life alone, since he had no one to confide in, the voices in his head took over and guided him. When he decides that he will go after Vidya, he tries to rid himself of those same voices. Will he able to fight the battle going on inside his head? Will Vidya want him back after all that he’s done? Wait for the last episode of the series to find out!


The Apartment is written and directed by Vikas Kasthurirangan starring Abhirami Venkatachalam, Ajay Melvin, Mani Vaithy, Aarya Lakshmi, Sugamya and Thrishal. The producers are Bina Sujit and Sujit Kumar and the creative producer is Sanjiv S Kumar. It’s presented by Nippon Paint and powered by Presta Women’s Wear. The music is by Bharath Dhanasekar and the sound design is by S Karthick.

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