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JUST IN : The Second Episode of The Apartment Is Out! Watch Now!

Watch Episode 2 now!

The second episode of our JFW Originals YouTube series The Apartment is out. The first episode left us wanting more as it ended on a cliffhanger. We saw Sam and Vidya getting out of a bedroom together and their friends standing out in shock. Did Sam and Vidya spend the night together?


Well, this episode will tug at your heart strings because it’s all about how these two individuals fall for each other. It starts off with Vidya letting Sam know that she will be vacating the room as per their initial arrangement. But Sam feels a connection with her. He wants her to stay but isn’t sure whether that would be an ideal situation, clearly there are some feelings. He hesitates but ends up putting across his idea of them living in the same house but sharing the rent. Vidya is relieved and delighted at the this suggestion and happily agrees to it.



When they start spending more time with each other, they realise that they are falling for one another. Vidya is chirpy, bubbly and messy but at the same time Sam is an extrovert , organised and prefers the company of self. But the chemistry between them is electric. When one night, Vidya confesses her love for Sam, she is open about her feelings and isn’t expecting him to feel the same way. But to her surprise, he has called for her too. But how can everything go smoothly in a relationship? Will they regret their decision or will they change for each other? Wait for the next episode on Thursday to find out what more is in store for you!

The Apartment is written and directed by Vikas Kasthurirangan starring Abhirami Venkatachalam, Ajay Melvin, Mani Vaithy, Aarya Lakshmi, Sugamya and Thrishal. The producers are Bina Sujit and Sujit Kumar and the creative producer is Sanjiv S Kumar. It’s presented by Nippon Paint and powered by Presta Women’s Wear. The music is by Bharath Dhanasekar and the sound design is by S Karthick.


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